Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pimples , Acne are not a disease , although they are a curse for the young generation. I am 21 years old now . I was suffered from serious acne problem once. I started getting acne when i was 18, during my college days . I was totally fine at my home but when i got to the college , it started happening. Most of you have read many articles on this subject , most of you have visited many doctors and I know most of them have said this :

drink more water, wash your face, eat healthy diet , eat fruits , blah blah blah blah blah..........

Even i experienced the same .

Now I am going to tell you the best way which I used to make my face totally acne and scar free .
I was really suffered from severe acne , very serious that you can't even imagine .

Let's start now :

Acne and pimples mostly started occurring at 15-19 years of age . The main reason behind them is the sebum production in your body.

First thing start taking isotretion capsules 20 mg , 2 times a day continuously for six months.
Along with isotretinon take one capsule of Vitamin E , 2 times a day .

Two most important things :

1.) Make you hair dandruff free , use any anti- dandruff shampoo regularly , if you have a serious case of dandruff , then I advise you to use medicated anti-dandruff shampoo like Nizoral or any other . don't apply too much oil over your hair , this will remove the dry part on your scalp and will increase the dandruff.

When dandruff falls through your hair and comes in contact with your face , it definitely causes acne , more if you have the oily skin , so make your hair dandruff free.

2.) Constipation - this is one of the major reason behind the acne with cyst formation , I mean the acne like nodules of big size , so try to maintain your digestion healthy , drinking water definitely helps , but i advised you to eat more roughage based diet along with normal food , like eat more carrots , cabbage like in salad , etc...etc....

now cream part .......

I know there are many creams available in the market for this purpose , but they are not good , it only suppress the acne , and they can come again anytime . Benzoyl Peroxide gel is very powerful and is really very effective in suppressing acne , but again it only suppresses the acne .
If you are using so many creams at the start don't do it , because it will make your skin thin . These creams mainly removes the skin as a part of your treatment , and this is not good .

Instead of using cream i used Divya Kanti Lep

ya this is an Indian ayurvedic kind a treatment for your skin .

This is a medicine from the pharmacy of Baba Ramdev . One thing i must tell you this thing is excellent , too good for your skin . Alongwith isotretinon and Vitamin E capsules I also applied this and i am still using it . You have to mix it in water or rose water or milk and apply on your face for 3-4 hours and wash. I t is actually written over it . But i applied it for the whole night everyday lol. Everyday before going to bed i applied and then sleep and in the morning i wash my face . After sometime a yellow layer starting deposing on my face and in a few days when it dissappear my looks so fresh and clear. Isotertinon was curing my inner problem and Vitamin E and this thing was curing my outer problem.

After six months reduce the frequency of the medicine , ony isotretinon , start taking only one capsule a day , even if you are totally cured , take one capsule of isotretinon and two of Vitamin E for six more months , and yes keep applying this divya kanti lep along with them.

Strictly telling dont apply any cream on your face , yes you can apply Vitamin E Lotion after your acne is cured and some scars are still left on your face , but taking vitamin E capsules is much more effective instead of applying it .

And yes keep your sking free from any kinda application for atleast 10-12 hours a day . Then only Vitamin E will effect.

After every 3 weeks a new layer of skin comes on our face , this is the main reason why scars are removed with Vitamin E , instead of the creams which removes the skin .

Just follow this method and you will not get acne in your life again. I am not telling you that it is useful or helpful , I am giving a guarantee as i also suffered a lot from this , many of my friends followed this method and some are still following , and they are totally satisfied and happy.

so believe me , you can take my word for it. I am not advertising anything , i am only sharing my experience so that instead of waisting your money on useless creams and lotions , you can try this and see by your self , you can see the effects in 2-3 weeks or even less .

I know there are many effective homeopahy medicines also which are excellent for this treatment , but homeopathy always needs patience . I will tell this in my next post . If you have any queries please ask me .